Sunday, April 1, 2007

Macro to output only relevant results to ods

/** following macro runs logistic regression and outputs the results from only the relevant variables to the html file. In this case, I am running regression with various variables but keeping age in all the models. Age is not the variable of interest. */

%macro jncht(dataname,var1);
title "Age and sex adjusted &var1";
ods select OddsRatio ParameterEstimates;
proc logistic data=&dataname ;
model jncht=&var1 ahage ahsex ;
ods output OddsRatios=orrr;
ods output ParameterEstimates=Param;

data param;
set param;
drop DF Estimate StdErr;

proc sort;
by variable;

data orrr;
set orrr;
drop effect;
proc sort;
by variable;

data new;
merge param orrr;
by variable;
%let cuts=%SUBSTR(&var1,1,4);

ods html select all;
title " age and sex adjusted &var1";
proc print data=new;
var variable OddsRatioEst LowerCL UpperCL ProbChiSq;
where variable like "%NRBQUOTE(%)&cuts%NRBQUOTE(%)";
ods html exclude all;
proc datasets;
delete param orrr new;
%mend ;

Invocation of this macro.
/*include the following statement in the beginning of the program*/
ods html file ="%sysfunc


/*Where &wstci_ is a macro variable and equals 'wstci1 wstci2 wstci3'. */

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