Monday, December 25, 2006

Running SAS on UNIX in Interactive mode

If you have got used to running SAS on Windows and now you are stuck with using SAS on UNIX, accept my sympathies ;)

Anyways, you can run SAS on UNIX with X11 tunelling. The X-Windows interface is similar in appearance and functionality to SAS for Windows.

To do this you need two programs:

  • Putty or Secure CRT to connect to the UNIX server from Windows PC.
  • An X-Windows server running on your computer.
Installing X-Windows server is easy.
Download the program from
here. Unzip this folder and run setup. You will get a window titled MicroImages X Server.

To run SAS, you will need to configure it to allow XWindows "tunneling."

In SecureCRT, after starting click on Properties.

In the Properties window click on X11 tab and check Forward X11 Packets.

Connect to the server as usual and once connected type

After a pause of 4 seconds or so you would be able to see windows similar to what you see in Windows in the MicroImages X Server window.

The response of SAS in this environment can be a little slow.